Facebook Community Shutting Down

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I wanted to write up a quick blog post to let everyone know that the Facebook community will be shutting down. The group will be frozen as of February 26th. Link your account to Discourse Why did I make this decision? The first thought most people might have is that it’s a political reason, which…

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I think it’s way better to focus on your own platform, too. :+1:

I can understand and appreciate that. The tracking of data across platforms is something that I hate and I do everything I can to stop that. Even the fact that if you go to a site hat has a FB or other logo on it can be used for tracking you. We even now have tracking attached to favicons. (I use Firefox, containers, and other extensions to try to reduce this to as little as possible.) Even Google that had some many ideals in the 90s and early twenties seems to have lost those over the years.

The whole idea should be to enable people to discuss, and help each other. Even if you disagree with others it should be possible to do in a controlled and friendly manner without descending to a flame war. (Though I doubt if many of them know what flaming is, or by using caps they are yelling at others.) You can see these type of responses even on YouTube.

So yes keep it in the learnlinux.tv community where you have more control and people will try to help each other and give advise. It may help it even grow. It has been sad to see so many forums on so many subject and interests diminish or disappear with the advent of FB and its ilk.

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Yeah we have our Firefoxes locked down pretty good too, and still when we set up PiHole, we found lots of shenanigans were still going on. So, I guess we have to really use multiple levels of defense, including having our router/firewall set to only allow DNS queries through from the PiHole. Still, DNS over HTTPS can leak through. :frowning: