Checking out the Infinity Book Pro 14 (6th gen) from Tuxedo Computers

Originally published at: Checking out the Infinity Book Pro 14 (6th gen) from Tuxedo Computers – LearnLinuxTV

Recently, the new InfinityBook Pro 14 has found its way to the LearnLinuxTV studio. In this video, Jay gives the new 6th generation model a full review. This review will cover the build quality, performance, pricing, and more!


Hello everyone. This is my first post at LearnLinuxTV.
Somehow this laptop came to my house, too.
Of course, under the influence of this channel, I had to install a Pop!_OS, instead of Tuxedo OS.
But how do I handle energy management, fan control, CPU … without TCC? Grateful for any response.


Hi there, welcome!

I don’t fully remember, but I think I know the software you’re talking about that manages those hardware settings. Maybe you would have to see how to download that separately? Because they’re both based on Ubuntu I would hope that it would still work on PopOS, but I’m not sure.

When I saw that, I was turned off from getting the computer, not because I didn’t think there was a way to get around it, but because if I was just going to install Pop then I would rather get a System76 computer. :confused:

@Yolomatic_Swagmaster Тhanks for the reply.
Yes, of course, I first looked to buy some of the System76 machines, but it is almost impossible from Europe and from a country outside the EU.
There is a possibility to download the TCC package, but they are looking for my left kidney for that (I’m kidding, of course). There is source code on Github, but I’ve never done that before. It’s time to learn (I’m 57 years old, and it’s never too late) or to experiment and try to find solution with the settings offered by Pop! _OS. And I must add that I am very pleased with the progress in the process of switching to Linux from Apple and Windows environments in the last half year.


Perhaps you can try CPU Power Manager, it’s a GNOME extension so I think it should still work with PopOS. As the name suggests it only controls the frequency of the cpu and not the fan speed, but I’m sure there are other similar utilities.

Thanks everyone for your help.
I want to add (maybe it will be helpful someone else with the same problem) that I did not manage to make that the mouse pointer displays correctly in upper part of the screen with the Pop!_OS 22.04 LTS installed properly.
In the end, the kind people from Taxido Computers sent me a solution to add to GRUB configuration file following line:


Of course, this way I lose technical support for the device, but I didn’t succeed.
In the end, I ended up on EndevourOS, where I managed to set everything up to work.

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