Awt and sed series

hi Jay,

how are you doing ?

I was wondering, if you are going to make videos regarding awt and sed ?


Welcome @Abhishek to the Learn Linux TV community.

I believe you meant Awk and Sed two great tools you can use with Bash Scripts or by themselves. Awk is even a full programming language.

I’m don’t know if @jay is interested in creating content on those tools, but I thought I would share an amazing presentation on Awk that I found inspiring and gave a number of great reasons to learn this older programming language.

Tools like awk and sed are a good fit for my “Linux Essentials” series. The goal of that series is that it consists of “one-off” tutorials, that don’t require everyone to watch every episode. They can just pick which ones they want, as each episode is stand-alone.

Since the series is less than a year old, it’s going to take some time for it to “catch up” to all the common things that are requested. But awk and sed definitely should be on the list, and now due to this post, they ARE on the list. However, at the rate I’m going it can take 1-3 months or more before I get that far down my list, but it should happen for sure.

hi @mowest

yeah, I meant AWK only :sweat_smile: . I Apologize

Thanks for sharing the presentation. I will definitely go through it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Actually I think when I posted this message I was facing issue with Jason Web Token integration with personal project. so I was searching jwt quite a lot on google for how to integration it properly. thats why I wanted to write awk and end up writing awt :sweat_smile:

hi @jay,

correct, these tools are really great. I am eagerly waiting for this. Please take your time. I know it takes really long time to write a script, recording, editing and uploading such wonderful content.

I really love your content, Jay. you are in a different IVY League altogether. Whenever someone asks me about Linux I always recommend your channel :wink:

Thank you, I appreciate that!

Looking at my list, a video on awk may happen as soon as June or maybe July, I’m still working out my list for the next few months. I’m looking forward to getting this done when I can.